Our Covenant - Terms of Service and Policies

Hello, and welcome to Azure Islands! This is a guide to life in the Azure Islands, an estate which is a bit different. We are a 'zoned' estate, which means we have some rules to help keep things peaceful. We hope that you will enjoy our way of living in Second Life.

By purchasing land in Azure Islands, you are entering a contract where you are agreeing in full to accept and follow all rules, conditions and zoning requirements explained in these set of documents. If you have any issues or queries about anything in the Covenant, please contact us before buying your land, as all sales are final.

Important Information

PLEASE: Read this following section very carefully.

  1. You do not need a Linden Labs 'Premium Account' to own land in our estate. Your land with us will not count towards tier with Linden Lab or any other island estate land.
  2. Land sales require an upfront purchase of the land and you must then pay tier on the land you own.Tier time will start counting down immediately from the moment of purchase.
  3. Any land not sold by Team Azure is sold by another resident.
  4. If you buy land from another resident, any tier they have already paid for that parcel will be carried over onto your new lease. Likewise, if there is any outstanding debt for the land, you will be responsible for this also and will need to pay it off. Please see our sections covering 'Tier' and 'Debt' for more information.
  5. We will not be responsible or liable if an officer, another owner or a partner in your group sells your land without your permission. Please be very careful when allowing officers or partners permission over your land.
  6. We cannot be held responsible for lost content due to the unpredictable nature of Second Life. All reasonable efforts to correct region-wide issues with Linden Lab will be made, however.
  7. We cannot subdivide lots into smaller ones, or change their shape for you. We will not sell or move 'protected land' in order to merge two properties.
  8. We do not buy land back from our residents although you may transfer or sell it to another resident.
  9. You will be expected to comply with the Linden Lab Terms of Service and Community Standards, in addition to our Global Policy and applicable zoning guidelines.

If you would like any form of clarification, please feel free to contact us!


Each parcel has a 'Payment Terminal' in front of the land, which is used by the land owner to pay tier for the parcel it belongs to. It can normally be found outside of each parcel. If you are unsure of the location of your terminal, contact us immediately, and we will locate it for you.

To find the price of the weekly tier for that parcel, left-click the terminal itself. A blue info box will appear, giving you your price if you were to purchase the land. This price takes into account any discount you would be eligible to receive if you own more than one eligible parcel with us. Please check this price before buying.

If you are already a land owner with us, keep in mind that our terminals may display a lower discounted price than you expected when clicking terminals in our estate. Furthermore, we will not be responsible for any quote or claim by another resident regarding tier for a parcel they are selling, especially if it is found to be incorrect. The responsibility is yours to check any costs and charges before purchasing any land.

Our terminals work much like a parking meter. To pay tier, you purchase time on the terminal as needed. This is done by right-clicking the terminal and selecting 'Pay'. You may add anywhere from one minute to four weeks when you make a payment. The maximum each terminal is able to store at any time is 28 days -- more may be added via PayPal. Left-clicking the terminal will tell you how much time you have remaining.

For more information about tier, such as making payments through PayPal and specifics for group owned land, visit our tier help page.


When you run out of time, the terminal will turn red, and a sign will alert you that it requires attention. While red, the terminal will continue into debt. Any overdue amount on the lease will be subtracted from the next payment made.

What happens if I don't pay?

We have a 3 days grace period, during which you should receive a notice from the terminal as well as our staff informing you that you are past due. The system will temporarily lock the land and remove access at the time the rent expires. If at the end of the grace period if we do not hear from you and the balance is in excess of 3 days the land will be reclaimed. If you have a problem paying, please contact us immediately.


We offer two kinds of zoning, each with different rules that must be followed along with our Global Policy. These rules need to be adhered to at all times, for the benefit of all residents within our estates. Any violation of these zoning rules will result in a warning being issued to the owner of the object/building. A reasonable period of time will be given to comply with any warning or directive sent by us regarding an issue. Subsequent violations or failing to comply with the initial request may require further action to be taken.

We employ the following zoning in our estate:

Please consult our Zoning List if you are unsure which zoning type a given region falls under. If you are still unsure, please contact us and ask before purchasing. This will make sure you get exactly what you are looking for and will not run into any unnecessary issues later on.

Protected Land

For the sake of landscaping, tidiness and for maintaining prim bonus in some regions, we employ liberal use of 'protected land'. This can range from roads, water channels, alleys upwards to entire sims used strictly for landscaping. While everyone is welcome on this land, it will not be sold or reshaped for any purpose. We reserve the right to add, remove or adjust protected land as required.

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