What is tier?

In Second Life, every plot of land has a weekly/monthly land fee attached to it. This is called `tier`. This fee covers ongoing expenses related to upkeep for the land, such as the cost for the servers themselves and support staff.

On the Azure Islands, we charge tier per square meter of land, so you do not pay for land tier you don't use.

How is tier collected?

On the edge of each property in our estate is a 'payment terminal'. The terminal will be facing your property directly. This terminal will display the current time remaining on the property. You may also left-click the terminal to learn your time remaining in further detail, as well as the cost of tier per week in L$.

Right-clicking on the payment terminal and selecting the "Pay..." option will allow you to add time to your tier balance. Each button on the list corresponds to a week, so that the first button is for one week, the second for two and onward.

You may pay by week, by month, by day or even by second if you choose to -- depending on how much you choose to pay. The meter will calculate how much time to add on to your lease.

What happens if I don't pay?

We have a 3 days grace period, during which you should receive a notice from the terminal as well as our staff informing you that you are past due. The system will temporarily lock the land and remove access at the time the rent expires. If at the end of the grace period if we do not hear from you and the balance is in excess of 3 days the land will be reclaimed. If you have a problem paying, please contact us immediately.

What if I am paying for a block of tier with Linden Lab already?

Unfortunately we cannot use the tier you hold with Linden Lab, as we do not receive money for it. However, since land on the Azure Islands does not require tier from Linden Lab this means you can 'tier down' to take advantage of our competitive pricing.

Why does my terminal not recognize me?

This will typically happen if there is an script error. There are other situations this may also occur. .

It is strongly suggested you also contact us right away via email or an instant message to Candy Azure so we may promptly handle this.

I'd like to pay with PayPal, do you accept it?

Yes! Please fill out this form with your Second Life name and it will generate an invoice to pay for 30 days worth of tier for all of your properties. PayPal payments incur a fee of US$0.50 and 2.9% which will be added to the total. Australian residents may need to pay a GST of 10% on any PayPal purchases.

When you have filled a PayPal payment, it will be applied to your property generally within 24 hours. Please do not send us a PayPal payment without us sending you the proper form, as this will result in a longer delay.