Pricing Comparison

We offer some of the cheapest land available in Second Life®, you can compare our pricing below. All prices are listed as their weekly values and assume you own no other land.

With two different estate classes, Azure and Nova, we offer a flexibility in both pricing and general zoning theme. The Azure Islands is our flagship estate, offering a more consistent user experience and well defined segregation between zoning types. The Nova Islands in comparison offer more of a mixed environment, with a majority of the sims provided with a relaxed Commercial-style covenant though the properties are perfectly accommodating of homes. For more information on zoning, please see our covenant.

Important Note: The Azure Islands charges both per sqm, and tier is calculated on a per-second basis. This means if you purchase 768sqm for 9 days, we will only bill you for 768sqm (not 1024sqm unlike most of our competitors, and Linden Lab™) and only for 9 days worth of pricing (not an entire month), please make sure to consider this when establishing the price of a parcel.


Single-Prim Tier Pricing

These regions provide a standard allotment of primitives and have a basic protected area in the region for zoning purposes. Linden Lab prices are normally billed per month, however have been converted to a per-week fee for reference, premium account fee included.

Size (sqm) Azure Islands™ Nova Islands™ Linden Lab™
512 US$ 1.14 US$ 1.23 US$ 2.34
1024 US$ 1.80 US$ 1.96 US$ 3.51
2048 US$ 3.10 US$ 3.37 US$ 5.87
4096 US$ 5.57 US$ 6.06 US$ 8.22
8192 US$ 10.26 US$ 11.15 US$ 11.75
16384 US$ 19.21 US$ 20.88 US$ 19.98

Double-Prim Tier Pricing

These unusual regions provide exactly double the number of prims per square meter than your standard sim. In exchange for this bonus, they are offered with a significantly larger than normal protected area, taking approximately half the region. No comparative price is shown as Linden Lab do not offer double primitive regions as a standard offering.

Size (sqm) Azure Islands™ Nova Islands™ Linden Lab™
512 US$ 1.80 US$ 1.96 N/A*
1024 US$ 3.10 US$ 3.37 N/A*
2048 US$ 5.57 US$ 6.06 N/A*
4096 US$ 10.26 US$ 11.15 N/A*
8192 US$ 19.21 US$ 20.88 N/A*
16384 US$ 36.35 US$ 39.51 N/A*

For more information about what tier is, how we collect it and other payment methods, please see this guide.