Azure Islands Global Policy

All guests and residents of Azure Islands are required to follow our rules while on the islands. These rules allow everyone to enjoy their land. For problems, please file an 'Abuse Report' and contact us. Please include region name and location!


We want all of our residents to be happy and we feel strongly about this. Sadly, there are many ways to harass other people in Second Life. Due to this, we do not have a strict definition of 'harassment'. Harassment can be:

  • Spam.
  • Weapons fire of ANY kind.
  • Trapping people in cages.
  • Annoying sound loops.
  • Other kinds of abuse towards other residents.

Explicit Content

While every region in our estate is marked 'Mature', we expect explicit violent or sexual content to be concealed from public view of common areas such as roads. The use of skyboxes are strongly encouraged and are considered proper concealment. When in doubt, please be respectful of your neighbors. As this is a delicate matter and tastes vary, it will be handled at our discretion with a goal of fair compromise.

Region 'Lag' and Resources

We may ask you to stop using items found to disrupt or lag a region. We do not allow:

  • Region crashing objects or scripts, including physics toys.
  • Scripts or collections of scripts that unfairly use the region.
  • 'Free Prim'/Temp-on-Rez objects are STRICTLY forbidden. These objects can be highly disruptive to region performance due to constantly being updated and refreshed, as well as issues they can cause with object totals in the region.
  • Other kinds of abuse towards a region.

In the case of a serious issue, abusive objects may be returned. We will contact you as soon as possible to let you know that there is a problem, but we cannot guarantee that we can contact you first in the event of a region being unusable due to an issue that may come up. The right for everyone in a region to have fair and equal access to what they have paid for is important to us.

Security Systems

You are allowed to use ban lines and encourage use of the 'Access' list for your land. However, security systems can be used as long as they give at least 30 seconds warning. They may not attack anyone -- a simple ban or teleport home is fine. Systems may be returned to you if they cause a problem.

Bot Policy

We do not allow any kind of bot usage in our estate without prior approval. As per the Second Life Terms of Service, we will outright deny bots used for generating traffic. Copybot is also not something welcome in our estate and will be denied for obvious reasons.

Linking Tricks

We expect everyone to not build on land that does not belong to them, especially over property belonging to another resident without their explicit permission. However, we do permit the use of 'linking tricks' where the root prim of an object is inside your property while the rest of the object may slightly extend past the property line. This should be used strictly for decoration only and should not be generating complaints, interfere with another resident or violate Residential zoning statues if applicable.

Any object found actually on Azure Islands owned 'protected land' such as roads, alleys and waterways may be returned without notice at our discretion.

In Summary

We value residents who choose to respectfully consider their neighbors as that is the sort of community we'd wish to build. While we cannot anticipate every issue that may appear, we reserve the right to deal with anything affecting the life of our residents on a case-by-case basis that is not explicitly covered in our Covenant.

As always, if you have a problem or questions with our policies, please feel free to contact us!

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