Running into problems? Got a question you want answered? You can use the information below to contact us any time of the day. Please note our support hours are operating on US Pacific Time with a focus on mornings and evenings, however we have several support agents operating on other time zones. We aim to provide a response within 24 hours to all queries.

Contact Information

Inside Second Life®

Account Name: Candy Azure

Our support account "Candy Azure" provides 24/7 in-world support online. Candy is notified instantly when new messages arrive inside this account, and messages can expect a reasonably prompt reply.

To use this service, send your query as an instant message to the "Candy Azure" account. Please include a full description of your problem and avoid "Hello?" style messages as this allows us to start working on your problem immediately.



For more detailed queries, or if you do not have access to Second Life®, you can send us an email - we get an instant notification of your email (same as the above), using attachments is fine. Email is the most reliable means of communication with our staff.

For Your Safety

Only Residents in world who have the last name 'Azure' are employees and are representatives of Anshex. Anyone who claims to be an admin and does not have the last name 'Azure' is not to be treated as our representative. We would appreciate you notifying us that someone is impersonating an admin, by contacting us via the above Support Channels.