Residential Zoning

Our Residential zoning is intended for everyone to enjoy a peaceful neighborhood. While we do not require you to follow a theme, we do have some rules to help keep things peaceful.


  • We do not allow Commercial use of Residential land for any reason. 'Commercial use' may include, but is not limited to:
    • Signs, billboards or other advertising of products or services.
    • Stores, malls or vendors of any size or type whatsoever.
    • Schools, clubhouses, hang-outs, or other large gathering places, either for public or private use, which are designed to attract higher than usual traffic.
    • Nightclubs, dance clubs, or club-like builds - this includes private club-like builds on your own land, for your own private use, or which any other Resident may reasonably believe to be or mistake for a Commercial Club. A club-like build may be one which contains spinning lights, smoke/fog, a DJ booth, a dancefloor, danceball, tip jars, or a bar. There are no exceptions to this rule.
    • Dancepads, camp chairs, lucky chairs, camping of any kind, or other objects which are used to attract other Residents to your land for benefit.
    • Photographic studios which the owner uses for a Commercial purpose, or to earn an income within Second Life. Art galleries which sell prints are also not permitted.
    • Money does not actually have to be exchanged in some cases to fall under the term 'Commercial use'.
  • You may, however, hold events such as yard sales, weddings and small gatherings at your home - providing they last no more than a day or two. If directed to stop any such event, you will need to do so within a reasonable time. To help avoid any issues, you may like to contact us to let us know of such an event, prior to it taking place -- this is purely optional though.
  • You may not use your Residential property as a sandbox or otherwise cover it with a collection of random or untidy objects, unless:
    • This is done inside a skybox placed at least 800 meters or higher above the ground.
    • The skybox is closed off and the contents not clearly visible from surrounding parcels.
  • Games involving weapons, consensual or non-consensual, are not welcome.
  • Fences and walls are allowed, but may be no taller than 4 meters, and must not be erected in a way which interferes with another resident or their home.
  • When in doubt, please follow the Golden Rule and respect your neighbors. You may also contact us at anytime to ask what is and isn't allowed in our estate.


  • Minor decorations such as trees may be taller, but must not be disruptive to other residents.
  • Fences and walls are allowed, but may be no taller than 10 meters, and must not be erected in a way which interferes with another resident or their home.
  • Objects belonging to you are to remain within your parcel at all times, minus the 'Linking Trick' exception discussed in our Global Policy
  • Skyboxes and other floating builds must be a minimum of 800 meters or higher above the ground.
  • No disruptive flashing, spinning or particle using builds.
  • For Sale signs are allowed with the following rules:
    • One sign per parcel.
    • The sign must be no larger than 10x5x5 meters in rectangular shape, and must not spin or cause a distraction to the surroundings. Many residents do not appreciate having the land next to theirs covered in bright red, spinning For Sale signs, so please be considerate.
    • You may script your sign to give information privately when clicked. This must not be sent to a public chat channel, nor can it be sent automatically to someone passing by.
    • We provide our own For Sale signs. If you'd like one, please ask!


  • You may shape land as you please, but any terraforming near the parcel boundary must not affect the neighboring parcel or protected land.
  • We do not normally amend the original shape of the land, so if you find that you have purchased a property and are unable to terraform it to your liking completely, we might not be able to help.

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