Commercial Zoning

Commercial zoning is where you may run almost any kind of business or service you wish, with just a few rules. You are also welcome to make your home in a Commercial zoned region for greater flexibility. Most Nova Commercial regions were planned with this sort of 'mixed' usage in mind!

Building and Use

  • Any gambling devices or other TOS violations are not permitted, and will be removed on sight.
  • This also applies to 'simulated casinos' which contain a large number of various 'pay-to-play' games. A small amount of legal & 'pay-to-play' games may be acceptable, providing it is not the main use of the land. A 'pay-to-play' game is considered to be legal if it adheres to the Linden Lab Policy Regarding Wagering in Second Life, and meets any further requirements explained in the Wagering Games FAQ.
  • Part of our Global Policy includes spam. This includes objects that send a large amount of chat outside of your store. Objects in a club should not 'shout' messages at all, as this is unnecessary. Please also restrict objects which offer group invites, landmarks or notecards to residents that are within your store, and not to passers-by outside.
  • We take things such as 'Copybot' very seriously. But as a reminder, objects that send '!quit' to everyone nearby no longer work, and may serve simply to annoy other residents. Reports of someone selling pirated goods within our estate should be sent to us immediately.
  • Objects belonging to you are to remain within your parcel at all times, minus the 'Linking Trick' exception discussed in our Global Policy
  • Skyboxes and other floating builds must be a minimum of 800 meters or higher above the ground.
  • Fences and walls are allowed, but may be no taller than 10 meters, and must not be erected in a way which interferes with another resident or their home.
  • No unnecessary or offensive signs, posters, billboards or spinning cubes -- common sense is to be applied here. Please see our Global Policy for details on Explicit Content.
  • You may sublet/rent Commercial land as you see fit, and without prior permission.


  • Azure Mainland Commercial regions are set to allow +0m -100m, and water height is set to 0m. You may lower land however you wish, however it cannot be raised above the default height.
  • You may shape land as you please, but any terraforming near the parcel boundary must not affect the neighboring parcel or protected land.
  • We do not normally amend the original shape of the land, so if you find that you have purchased a property and are unable to terraform it to your liking completely, we might not be able to help.
  • All whole regions in our estate allow full +100m -100m control and we will permit changing the ground textures. We will require copies of the textures in order to apply them, however for everyone's sake all copies of said textures will not be retained by us once applied to your property.

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