Whole Regions!

Looking for your own region to stretch out? Need more prims to complete your build? We offer whole regions through a custom program and take care of all interaction with Linden Lab on your behalf, including billing and purchasing. This also includes access to our support department if something goes wrong.

These islands are offered to you with full permissions and without restrictions. You will have all the region tools that any other island owner has and your name will show up as the owner of the island no matter what option you take. Not just limited to region controls, you also may choose your island's name and placement on the grid! (Standard LL Fees apply, see Optional Expenses below)

Standard Regions

The mainstay of private islands, standard regions are highly recommended if you are intending to have a larger number of scripted or physical objects, or if you expect to have a group of people in your sim. A standard region comes with 15,000 prims and has its own dedicated processor core on a server, the key to performance with this type of region.

Homestead Regions - Listing here

For those looking for simply a nice island to keep their home, Homesteads might be a more price attractive option. These regions are ideal for light usage by a small number of users and do not scale well with crowds or a large number of scripted and physical objects. A Homestead comes with 3750 prims and shares a processor core with three other random Homesteads on the grid, part of why this option is cheaper and with potentially inconsistent performance.

We have plenty of private homestead regions ready for you right now. Click here for a full homestead listing.

Inquires should be made to Candy Azure in-world or via email at support.azureislands@gmail.com

Pricing Options

We offer all three of the region types available in Second Life. Each are available with three possible payment plans, differing only in your initial cost and your monthly fees. All plans grant you the same benefits and privileges and are available simply to assist in best matching your needs, from long to short term!

Payment Methods and Other Fees

We can accept all major currencies as well as Linden Dollars (L$). If you elect to pay in a currency other than US dollars, your rate will be calculated on a monthly basis in accordance with exchange rates. Please note that any levies, taxes or fees incurred in processing your payment will be added to your bill.

Optional Expenses
Option Cost
Renaming Regions 16,000 L$
Moving 50,000 L$

Special! -- Rapid Design

For those looking for a less expensive route for a complete island, we can provide a variety of unique designs built from our automated production tools. This includes the terrain and some natural scenery including rocks and trees. Our price is charged at our standard custom design fees, however The time taken to generate a collection of designs for you to choose from and apply one to your region is usually no more than an hour.