About Us

The Azure Islands

The Azure Islands officially opened in May 2005 as an extension of our mainland enterprise in the Meins region, since then we have averaged adding a new region every 3 days. We boast a dedicated team of support employees, artists and developers working on the Azure Islands full-time.

Our goals with the Azure Islands have been to produce a well terraformed affordable environment -- we've used an abundance of protected land to help maintain a consistent well designed environment. We apply a minimal zoning restriction to each of our areas to ensure the design but not lessen your use of the area.

The Nova Islands

In 2007, we acquired the Cascades estates due to the owner falling ill and have maintained it as the Nova Islands. Since then, we have added to the Nova Islands both new regions as well as estates from various third parties including the Kiama Estates. Under our care, the Nova Islands have been one of our fastest growing regions we have.

What we offer

DeepThink, the owner of the Azure and Nova Islands provides full-time support and maintenance of our islands, including terraforming, zoning and maintenance wherever required. We provide a easy to use billing system that lets you pay in USD or L$ for however long you wish to pay at a time. The principal staff have been operating in Second Life since its Alpha testing in 2002 and have a commitment to maintaining the business in the long term.


We recognize there's a wide variety of users in Second Life, each with their own set of goals. For this reason we aim to offer flexible packages that can be tailored to your needs, big or small.


For those looking for a sim of their own, we have entire regions for your own personal or business use available. From OpenSpaces to standard regions, we've got you covered with more than one pricing plan you can choose from. For more information, please see our regions page. Prices for entire regions start at just $95.00/month!


Since not everyone is looking for an entire region, we also provide a variety of parcels in different kinds and sizes. For your benefit, our entire estate consists of just two zoning types. We can cater to those looking for a quiet neighborhood with our Residential covenant, which a majority of our land is zoned for. Those with business activities or other needs in mind are welcome under our Commercial (essentially 'unzoned') land. For more information, please see our Covenant. You may also wish to see our pricing chart or a list of Azure Island parcels available now!

Still have questions?

Our support department is happy to answer any questions you have - please feel free to contact us.